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親臨店內選購 Purchase In Shop

1.    請先電郵或WhatsApp預約本店。Please Email or WhatsApp to make appointment before you arrive.

2.    光臨九龍灣牛頭角道55號利基大廈K店WHISKIMEN總店。Our address is Shop K, G/F, Lee Kee Building, 55 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

3.    由於有部份產品較為罕有,如果有心水產品,也歡迎提早告知店主預備有關產品。It is welcome if you would like to tell us your interested bottles.

網上購物流程 Online Purchase

1.     請造訪本公司網頁(挑選所需要的產品及數量,本公司會回覆確認訂單並提供繳款資料。Please visit our official website and choose your interested items and quantities, we will check our stock and provide you the payment information.

2.     客戶安排轉帳並將轉帳單據及收貨資料電郵或WhatsApp發送給我們。Customer need to Email or WhatsApp us the transfer statement, delivery details to us.

3.     如果一切無誤,我們會盡快根據收貨資料寄送貨物。We will deliver the goods to you if all of the information is well received.


*** 如有任何特別要求,請透過電郵或Whatsapp告知。Please send E-mail or whatsapp us if you have any special request.

*** 如欲收貨地址或貨品有任何更改,請於最少一天前告知。Please notify us if you need to change time or location, at least One day before the delivery.

*** 圖片只供參考,如客戶沒有要求指定型號、版本,本公司將提供本店現有之款式完成有關訂單。Photos are for reference only. If no requirement on a particular edition or version is specified by the client, Whiskimen reserves the right to fulfil the order with whichever edition or version available.